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PerPlexed with the World Of Blogging - Free Workshop Friday, March 4th @ 12:00 noon

  • Where: Connect113, 113 S Columbus St, Alexandria, VA 22314 (Suite 100 (Below Red Barn Mercantile))
  • Date: March 4, 2011
  • Time: 12:00pm–1:30pm
  • Have you felt perplexed by starting a blog. To many it can be seen as a possible waste of valuable time. Trust me it is not!

    This energetic workshop conducted by DeeNice Rhodes, the Digital Dynamo, will help you clear up any apprehensions about the world of blogging and make positive steps toward using one of the most profound internet platforms today.

    What will be covered:

Holiday Spending: Don't let it wipe you out.

The holiday season means entertaining guests, big meals, decorating and of course, gift buying.

Stores definitely play their part offering deals and discounts to attract everyone to their stores; all to get you to spend money you don’t intend to spend.

Despite the urge plan ahead and stick to a budget so you’re not still paying for this Christmas next Christmas. Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

1.) Leave the plastic at home

Resist the urge to use your credit card for purchases. It is more difficult to keep track of what you spent and that line of credit will only intensify your urge to buy, buy, buy. The worst part: the interest you will be paying on that purchase long after that present is unwrapped, used and pushed to the back of the closet. 

2.) Budget

Fenty, Gray Break Ground for Washington Marriott Marquis Hotel at Convention Center

After years of debating, voting, and planning, D.C. officials gathered at the corner of 9th Street and Massachusetts Avenue on Tuesday, November 10th, to break ground on the Washington Marriott Marquis hotel.

"I know I don't have to ask, but I will anyway," D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty questioned the significantly large crowd at the groundbreaking ceremony.  "Is there anyone here who is excited that this day has finally come?" 

The response was a cacophony of joyful screams and cheers, as everyone in attendance was able to see the Capital City's dream project finally become a reality. 

Since the Walter E. Washington Convention Center opened its doors in 2003, the city has yearned for a hotel space grand enough pair with it.  As time has passed without this space, the D.C. government has seen opportunities to develop its tourism industry, as well as improve the city's employment rate, go by the wayside.

My Quest for Healthy Ice Cream: Becoming a Vegan Gelato Artisan

I was in an awful jam; one that you may be in, yourself. 

I loved ice cream so much that when I would buy a pint, I would eat a pint.  No need for freezer space. As soon as I got it home from the store, it was gone.

For years I knew that I had to find a way out.  I didn’t want to gain weight, clog my arteries, or spike my blood sugar…all eventualities from the “pint-of-ice-cream-daily” diet.  Nor did I want to contribute to enslaving cows or warming the globe, two unfortunate side effects of milk production.

What to do?

Searching for a stunningly delicious, nutritious, animal-and-earth-friendly frozen dessert, I came up empty-handed. My conclusion: I would have to create this product myself.

As I pondered how to proceed, I realized that I had finally found my green business idea. 

Thank You Note from the Howard Theatre Restoration, Inc.

This note came in from Sandra Butler-Truesdale of the Emma Mae Gallery at the Reeves Center of the History of Rhythm & Blues:


The Howard Theatre Restoration, Inc. Board of Directors and  the Howard Theatre Restoration Community Committee would like to thank everyone who made the celebration and the ground breaking a success. Thanks to Rodney Ellis, Interim Chair, for his leadership and Chip Ellis for his vision and Jim Graham for believing and making sure that the council supported the project.  The Community Committee Members, The Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and the Partners who have worked very hard through the years to assure that the history of the Howard Theatre will not be lost..