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New Big Wong's filthy violations & other closures | News

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New Big Wong's filthy violations & other closures

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- WUSA9 catches crawling roaches on camera at one cafe, upside down fish floating in a Chinatown foodie favorite - closed a second time for health violations, and we face-off, on video, with an armed U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security officer who refused our attempt to visit another closed restaurant.

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Inspectors temporarily closed; New Big Wong, 610 H St NW, DC; Black & Orange, 1931 14TH St NW, DC; Le Bon Café, 210 2nd St SE, DC; Mayur Kabob House, 1108 K St NW, DC; 7-Eleven, 1233 Brentwood Road, NE, DC; Rose's Café, 5406 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, Md.; 7-Eleven, 3146 Mount Pleasant NW, DC; Subway, 2401 E St NW, DC; House of Kabob, 1829 M St NW, DC

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All the restaurants in this report, except Rose's Cafe, passed re-inspection and re-opened.


State Department "regrets" telling WUSA9 to stop recording building of suspended Subway Restaurant

When WUSA9 showed up at 2401 E Street, NW looking for a suspended Subway restaurant, we discovered it's inside a building with State Department offices, guarded by US Diplomatic Service officers.

Outside the unmarked building, a State Department Diplomatic Service officer told us we couldn't enter and ordered us to stop recording.  

When we refused to turn off our WUSA9 camera, he ordered us to leave the premises.

The State Department issued a statement saying it "regrets" the confrontation and "we have concluded that the Department should have worked with the WUSA-TV news crew so they could film non-sensitive portions of our building."

DC Health inspectors ordered the restaurant closed for operating without a proper license.

Phone numbers listed for the restaurant by Subway.com and the DC Health Department go to recordings indicating the line is disconnected.

New Big Wong

WUSA9 was back in Chinatown at New Big Wong in Washington, DC, again.

In a new closure, health inspectors closed the restaurant citing 32 violations including live roaches, dead roaches and several dead fish.

We found fish floating upside down in the restaurant's live fish tank, but workers insisted they were alive. 

Previously health inspectors closed New Big Wong in January citing similar violations such as mice droppings, contamination control, dirty floors and equipment, food at unsafe temperatures, and dirty fish tanks in the dining room and kitchen.

Inspectors reported no one trained and certified in food safety and when we were there, workers told us there was no one trained in food safety.


House of Kabob

On M Street, NW, inspectors closed House of Kabob citing 6 violations including insects and rodents.

Management didn't want to talk and they didn't want us to look in the kitchen.

Mayur Kabob

On K Street, NW, inspectors closed Mayur Kabob House citing 19 violations including potentially hazardous food temperatures like raw chicken at 56 degrees and lamb at 47. Inspectors also reported one live roach observed in the bar area.

See the video to see roaches WUSA9 found at Mayur Kabob.

The manager told WUSA9 what we videotaped was an improvement and they're working closely with exterminators.

Black and Orange

On 14th Street, NW  inspectors closed  Black and Orange citing hot water violations and no one certified in food safety;  however, management showed us they're compliance.

Le Bon Cafe

On 2nd Street, SE officials closed Le Bon Café citing no valid food license and a garbage disposal spinning the wrong way causing sewage to back up. Management showed us the garbage disposal is working properly.

Rose's Cafe

In District Heights Maryland, inspectors closed Rose's Café on Marlboro Pike for operating without a health department permit.

7-Eleven on Brentwood Road, NE

DC Health Inspectors shut down two 7-Eleven stores for rodent and bug problems. On Brentwood Road, NE officials cited mouse droppings and dead roaches.

7-Eleven on Mount Pleasant Street, NW

At the 7-Eleven on Mount Pleasant Street, NW inspectors mentioned a heavy infestation of vermin and a dead roach seen at the coffee pot station.

The 7-Eleven on Mount Pleasant is a franchise, the one on Brentwood, corporate owned, both told WUSA9 they can't comment until they check in with headquarters.

All the restaurants Russ visited except Rose's Café passed
re- inspection and are back in business.

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